Silver Arrow Necklace



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Product Description

Looking for a necklace with a unique design? This is a perfect one. The pendant on the necklace is in the shape of an arrow that is filled with AAA zircon. The bright zircons make the necklace standout and appear precious. But that’s not the only thing that makes this necklace super desirable. The lone arrow pendant in the necklace symbolizes protection from harmful things. Hanging upside down on a .925 sterling silver with rhodium plated chain, the arrow looks gorgeous. You can wear this necklace on a daily basis to add oomph to your look while also boosting your courage and strength. The rhodium plating makes the chain appear luxurious. The chain features an intertwined loop design that is simple, yet elegant. Due to its alluring look, the necklace serves as the perfect present for a special friend.