Jewelry Care

Ocelle Jewelry products are made with high quality materials. However proper care is required to keep them in excellent condition. Below we have provided an Ocelle Jewelry Care Guide to help you care for your jewelry properly and enjoy your items for the longest time possible.

Ocelle Jewelry Care Guide

Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing jewelry: 

    • Remove jewelry when performing manual tasks. This will prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids. Example, kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house and other common tasks.
    • Always put on your jewelry after applying makeup, hairspray, perfumes, lotion because they can contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry. Avoiding these materials and chemicals will limit the potential damage to your jewelry.

    • Remove jewelry before getting in a swimming pool or hot tub, swimming in the beach or bathing. The chlorine or other chemicals in the water can damage various gemstones and metals including gold.

    • Do not wear your jewelry during strenuous sports. Hard blows during sports can damage jewelry. 

    • After each wearing, gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with a 100% cotton cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth.

    • Avoid tangling of necklaces. This may cause the chain to easily break. Always place them in their box or jewelry holder of some sort.

    •  Do not roll bracelets onto your hand while clasped.

    •  Do not store jewelry in high heat, including next to heating vent, window sill, or in the car. Store jewelry away from sunlight. The sun may fade some gemstones or over heat the jewelry.

    •  Store jewelry in resalable or special jewelry bags or pouches with anti-tarnish preserve it from tarnishing.

    • All fine jewelry should not be subjected to strenuous activities of any kind. Caring for your jewelry properly will help it last for a lifetime of wear.